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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Signs that you're ex wants you back - Part 2

Your gut feeling will often give you the correct answers or lead you in the right direction but there are many occasions where wishful thinking takes over and you don't think so clearly.
Sometimes this may be the situation with regards to your ex. You might want him to want you so badly that you may actually start believing that he does even if he doesn't.
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The folowing tips (and many others) may help you confirm what you suspect, or see that you're wrong.
It's important to be open minded and observant and you will then be able to know whether or not your ex does in fact want to be with you.

There are many signs and clues that he may want you back and be far from over you. Here are a few:

1.       He asks your friends (or people you know) about you. He may ask

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·         how you’re doing or what’s going on in your life
·         if you’re dating anyone
·         if you’ve moved on or are okay without him

    All of these (especially him asking if you've moved on or are okay without him) could be merely out of concern but more likely due to the fact that he still has feelings for you. After all, he wouldn’t be concerned if he didn’t.
Making sure that you're friends are open with you with regards to such instances would be very much in your favour as you'd be able to clearly decipher what your ex is trying to find out about you and thus how deep his feelings for you might be.

2.       Now days Facebook statuses or tweets are a great give away.
Keep in mind that:

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·         Seeing statuses that MIGHT be about you could be a sign.
'Might' being the operative word due to the fact that you alone will know if there is anything or anyone else that they could be reffering to depending on the statuses.
·         Most song lyrics posted are somehow related to a person’s life so if he posts (for example) something about wishing you were still with him, chances are he wants you back
·         You should also note that depending on the type of person he is, he might in the same way post things about other girls in order to make you jealous; which could similarly mean he wants you back (why would he be trying to make you jealous if he didn't?).

3.        He treats you the same way he did when you were dating

·         If you’re in a strictly friends only relationship and hang out a lot as ‘friends’ (whether in a group or alone) you should pay attention to the way he treats you. If he treats you differently from the way he treats his other female friends this could be a sign (a very good one).
·         He might treat you more like a date or girlfriend then a friend. Try and see if you can see any similarities between the way he now treats you in comparison to how he treated you when you first started dating.
·         He might also be more to the awkward side with you. If he’s quiet or shy around you it could mean that he has feelings for you and doesn’t know how to act as he can’t be with you the way he used to be or regrets the break up.

4.       What his friends say

Guy friends: Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
·         By talking to his friends or having some of your friends do that for you (a good choice if you don't want him to know you're asking about him), you’ll be able to gain insight on how he feels about you.
·         Maybe his friends will tell you or one of you friends that he misses you, talks about you a lot or wishes he was still with you.
·         Talking to some of his friend’s or finding out some information from them through your friends could really help you a great deal.
Keep in mind the fact that friends or siblings (especially close ones) always have the best insight. Make use of this and it will proove to be to your advantage.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
5. The biggest and best sign would be for him to say it!

Hearing him say things like:
  • I miss you
  • I wish things hadn't turned out the way they did
  • I wish we were still together
  • Asking things like 'do you think things sometimes work out better the second time round'
Could all make everything so much simpler and let you know precisely where you stand with regards to his feelings. It isn't always that you could be lucky enough to hear him say the words but if you are then take it to heart. He might actually mean exactly what he says.

Quite often guys can't say what they feel or say it in a way that you might not necesarrily understand. Men and woman are completely different but as the saying goes; opposites attract and thats why we love them.

Keep your heart and mind open and if he still has feelings for you will know. If he does have feelings for you or you believe that he does there should be nothing standing in your way and you can move towards getting your ex back.

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